Radical Compassion – House of Mercy Rochester

In four months, Sister Rita Lewis has shuttled more than 200 people to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Her efforts have helped House of Mercy return to almost-normal operations following a surge in infections months ago that forced HOM to close for two weeks. Sister Rita says it was heartbreaking when people kept turning up positive. In some ways, the experience was reminiscent of her early days at the House of Mercy, when Sister Rita watched another epidemic envelop residents.

Jessica Cantlon

Jessica Cantlon, Ph.D., was named one of Time magazine’s People of the Year for 2017 as one of the lead complainants in a federal case against this city’s biggest employer, University of Rochester. Because of what she calls the school’s inaction over allegations of sexual misconduct last year, she will leave UR’s brain and cognitive sciences department at the end of the semester to accept a position at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Before she and her family left Rochester, she sat down with POST to share her story.
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